The New Online Casino Weekly Bonus Schemes

Gamblers are out to play online casino games because of the promising casino bonus features that they can have the pleasure to shop online. One's online gambling experience is not complete without having to avail online casino bonuses that are swarming on the virtual world of gambling.

The online casino competition usually revolves on the casino bonuses that will attract more playing patrons to an online casino site. The competition will depend on which casino site has the newest and hippest casino bonus to offer to online players. This is often how one finds an online casino site better than the others.

One way to attract online players to gamble at a particular online casino site will be to offer as high casino bonuses as they can to sell their online casino games. Online casinos are known for their daring ability to explore different types of casino bonuses to offer in order to seek publicity on their gambling site.

Aside from the new technology platform on their casino games, they also focus on bringing out new casino bonuses for their online games that can immediately mark their site as unique and different from their competition.

The new bonus scheme by online casinos is designed to dare the usual custom of providing one time casino bonus among new online casino players. This gives birth to the weekly bonus scheme that some online casinos are introducing to their online players.

Although unusual and very rare casino bonus to find online, it opens a welcoming opportunity among casino players to avail of free money each time they make a first purchase within a specific day from their online casino account.

Aside from the first casino deposit match bonus, an online gambler can also avail of a specific percentage match bonus every time they make a first purchase from their online account. There are specific days in a week that give a corresponding match up bonus percentage to be availed on a certain bracket on the amount spent by an online player from their account to play online casino games.

For instance, online casinos will give 25% match deposit for every $50 to $1000 amount of first purchase of the player every Mondays, 50% for every first purchase between an amount bracket of $50 and $500 every Wednesdays and a 100% bonus for the first purchase made between $50 and $250 on Fridays.

Other casinos will also offer an additional bonus percentage when their players make a deposit through a wire transfer plus other weekly bonus surprises that will keep their players at the edge of their seats for more surprise casino bonuses.

Through the weekly regular bonuses that one can avail alongside the surprise weekly bonuses that are part of online casino promotions, online gamblers are given more enticing reasons to keep coming back to play at their favorite online casino sites to gamble.